Rapid Response Program

When businesses are experiencing layoffs or closure the ULA’s Rapid Response unit is called upon to assist these businesses and their workers in their time of need. Rapid Response activities are designed to orient the employer and workers, and provide immediate preparation of reemployment services and opportunities.

Notification of a layoff or closure is typically announced through a WARN to the State of Ohio, but notifications may also come through other sources, such as local media, word of mouth, union officials, or laid off employees.

Initial contact and a subsequent meeting is established with the employer once a notification has been received by the local Rapid Response unit. It is at this time that services and assistance can be planned, depending on the needs of the workers, and is usually determined by surveying the workforce, analyzing the their skills and need for retraining, and identifying what services will be most beneficial to transition the displaced workers back into employment.
The amount and types of services that can be provide through the Rapid Response program is dependent on varying factors, such as, the cooperation from management and union representatives, and the timing and size of the layoff. The following kinds of Rapid Response activities and services may be offered:

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