Cuyahoga County Staff Directory

ULA Main Office
737 Bolivar Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Core Training & Skills Instructor
Mark McMillian

W.I.O.A. Services Manager
Maura Gaul
(216) 777-8201

Business Services Manager
Sonya S. Gant
(216) 777-8238

Training Specialist
Breanna Washington

Customer Service Representative
Sherri Duah
(216) 777-8224

Talent Developer
Anthony Iacobucci
(216) 777-8162

Training Specialist
Lavonia Dulaney
(216) 777-8194

Resource Center Coordinator
Drema Gamiere
(216) 777-8247

Economic Development Liaison
Allyson Gargiulo
(216) 777-8205

Lead Recruiter
Jenny Gennaro
(216) 777-8206

Community Development Specialist
Cindy Illig-Lum
(216) 402-1071

Social Media Coordinator
Erica Hoosic

Talent Developer
Nicole Hennessy
(216) 777-8190

Intake Specialist
Craig Ickler

Intake Specialist
Paul Wasmundt

Data Information Processor
Tom Evans

Gregory Broadwater
(216) 777-8204

Lead RESEA Re-Employment Specialist
Andrea McKinstry

Tim O’Brien
(216) 777-8185

Employment and Training Project Coordinator Lindsey Parada
(216) 777-8186

Training Specialist
Carlos Perez
(216) 777-8168

Debra Madey-Grivna
(216) 777-8209

Community Development Coordinator
Mark Seifert
(216) 406-9316

Intake Specialist
Marlene Solomon
(216) 777-8190

Training Specialist
Anna Morales
(216) 777-8192

Quality Assurance Specialist
Rebecca Grieco

Training Specialist
Damon Bennett

Curriculum Development Facilitator
Daniel Ashyk

Data Information Processor
Melanie Kirby

Data Information Processor
Joyce Wiggins

Job Center Manager
Tim Peyton

Jennifer Crayton

Community Development Specialist
Owen McConnell

Kristin Ellis

Community Development Specialist
Maria Graciani

Talent Developer
Marquis Berry

RESEA Re-Employment Specialist
Kelly O'Neill

Resource Room Coordinator
Marti Moyer

Timothy O’Brien

Career Development Specialist
Denise Oliver

Training Specialist
Stacy Pena

Program Supervisor
Ebony Reese-Johnson

Community Development Specialist
Modupeola Sawyerr

RESEA Reemployment Specialist
Wyannette Smith

Intake Specialist
Bradley Warnkin

Community Development Specialist
Jeffery Skinner

Community Development Specialist
Deserea Reville

Business Development Coordinator
James Valentine

Central Neighborhood Project Director
Cordell Stokes

Community Development Specialist
Olivia Winsteard

Jennifer Crayton
Jennifer Crayton
Cuyahoga County Recruiting Supervisor

Jennifer joined the United Labor Agency in 2021 as a member of the Business Service Department, recruiting for the manufacturing sector. Jennifer was promoted to the Recruiting Supervisor for the Business Service Department in July 2022.

Prior to working at United Labor Agency, Jennifer worked as the lead recruiter for Miller Brother Staffing, Manpower Staffing, and Just Energy. Jennifer’s work consists of developing people to be successful in their current position. She also provided interview preparation and confidence-building. Jennifer worked with employers in Ohio and Pennsylvania by assisting the employers with filling their positions.

Prior to working as a recruiter for several years, Jennifer was the Department Supervisor and Trainer for Litigation Management, managing more than 20 employees, training new employees, and providing refresher training to current employees. Jennifer helped build teams, resolve department issues, and implement new processes.

Jennifer received training at Litigation Management and is certified in understanding people, managing people, and working through conflict.

Jennifer is a wife of 32 years, a mother of 3, and a grandmother.

(216) 777-8197

Timothy Peyton
Timothy Peyton
Cuyahoga County Job Center Manager

Tim began working at the United Labor Agency in 2016, first as an Employment Specialist and then as a Business Service Consultant. In 2018 Tim helped pilot the Outreach Center department and oversaw a staff of six Outreach Specialists. In 2020 the department expanded to include video and media in order to support the agency’s digital media and marketing strategy.  Tim has also been involved in planning and organizing the Labor film series that has taken place at the Cleveland Museum of Art and Cleveland Cinematheque since 2017.

Tim has a Bachelors in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Media and Social Change from Antioch College ’08.

(216) 777-8238


Lindsey Parada
Lindsey Parada
Cuyahoga County Project & Training Supervisor

Lindsey joined the United Labor Agency in 2014 as an Employment Specialist. Lindsey worked in that role for 3 years as she learned the ins and out of WIOA, best case management practices, and how to effectively career counsel and provide job search assistance.

 In fall of 2017, Lindsey began her role as the Wage Pathway Case Coordinator, a pilot project targeting young adults. This role developed Lindsey’s ability to work more independently as well as providing intensive assessment and barrier removal and employment plans. Lindsey acted as a liaison between referring facilities, public assistance programs, WIOA Youth partners, other community partners and OMJ|CC Business Services.

Once Wage Pathway ended, Lindsey moved into the role of Employment & Training Project Coordinator. This allowed Lindsey to lead and participate in new, temporary or pilot grant program groups, committees or general meetings. Lindsey became efficient in verifying and managing special grant eligibility and service delivery. While acting as the Employment and Training Project Coordinator, Lindsey led multiple programs that received accolades from the grant funding source, state, and Department of Labor.

In 2020, Lindsey began the role of Project & Training Supervisor. Lindsey oversees staff working as Training Specialists and Community Development Specialists to ensure successful service delivery and staff performance measures.

Lindsey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development & Family Studies with a concentration in case management from Kent State University.