Employment Specialist


Position requires a minimum of a high school diploma with a bachelor’s degree strongly preferred with at least two years experience in the field of vocational counseling/job placement. Two years of experience may substitute for each year of education lacking. The candidate should have knowledge of current economic trends relating to employment in the Greater Cleveland area, a working knowledge of geographic area; possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License, a positive work attitude and the ability to work well with a diverse group of job seekers. A thorough knowledge of the Workforce Investment Act and related regulations is required. Computer skills, especially Word, Access and Excel are necessary. Candidate must be comfortable speaking publicly, be detail-oriented, excel at working in a team, be flexible and willing to perform a variety of tasks and understand all phases of job search.


  • Accept all phone calls and walk-ins from prospective job seekers of WIA services. Explain services and screen applicants and maintain a working knowledge of workforce services, partner agencies and related programs.
  • Schedule and conduct weekly orientation sessions for new job seekers and collect eligibility documentation and verify accuracy, as well as assist in the delivery of URCS sessions.
  • Assess applications to determine eligibility, help job seekers to develop Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) and provide case management services to job seekers. Make proper referrals to appropriate social service agencies. Document all case management contacts, sessions, and referrals.
  • Assist in the delivery of Rapid Response services.
  • Assess job seekers for job readiness and make appropriate referrals to outside agencies.
  • Assess, and when possible, verify vocational skills of job seekers.
  • Assist in the development of team toolkit, best practices for job search, through research, piloting and sharing with team members.
  • Provide back-up support to Resource Center, if needed, and assist with on-site employer recruitments.
  • Keep an up-to-date knowledge of WIA rules, regulations and procedures, including eligibility, sequence of services and policy changes.
  • Assist Recruiters in finding qualified candidates for open positions and maintain regular contact with job seekers to determine outcomes.
  • Teach job search skills classes as coordinated by the Lead Workshop Instructor.
  • Provide job matching services, career targeting and transferrable skills assessments to job seekers.
  • Review job order report daily and refer job seekers to Recruiters.
  • Provide advice and instruction for resume development and coach job seekers through job search process.
  • Coordinate and schedule job club sessions and follow-up on job seeking efforts of workshop graduates.
  • Input all job seeker case notes into SCOTI and maintain accurate records. Possess a thorough understanding traffic counting software.
  • Coordinate and conduct follow-up services for all ULA job seekers, including verifying job placements.
  • Provide follow-up services for job seeker up to a year after enrollment.
  • Develop and write Individual Training Accounts (ITA) for individual job seekers. Keep an up-to-date knowledge of training institutions on State of Ohio and local WIB list.
  • Assess job seekers for retraining suitability, including marketable skill analysis, work history documentation, basic skill evaluation, career interest inventory and aptitude evaluation.
  • Track On-the-Job training contracts to ensure contract completion and successful outcomes and provide fast-track eligibility for qualified job seekers and be Familiar with business incentives, including customized training and OLA.
  • Maintain professional dress.